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Military Antennas-30MHz-108MHz

Military VHF Broadband Antenna - VHF3088VMS
- Designed for operation on all kinds of military vehicles including Jeeps, trunks and other armoured car
- Suitable for operation on shelters and to be mounted on masts or in other permanent installation
- No ground needed
- No turning electronics in the base
- No turning required
Lower Whip: 1800mm+/-5mm
Upper Whip: 1450mm+/-5mm
Total: 3290mm +/-10mm
Diameter whip Base: 40+/-1mm
Weight: 3.4kgs
Mounting: with spring NATO 4-hole
Military Frequency: 30~88MHz
VSWR: max 3.5:1
Gain: relative1/4 Whip on GP-4~+3dB
Impedance: 50ohm
Polarization: Linear, Vertical
Connector: BNC, Female
Power: 100W

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